Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Woman Lost Her Life Due To The Carelessness Of An Alarm Company

A bloodthirsty man invaded a small-town Minnesota home in 2006 and took the lives of his former girlfriend and her companion. The murderer was able to accomplish the break-in and move through the house undetected. Fearing for her life for some time, the victim had recently purchased a customized security system worth several thousand dollars in hopes of gaining early detection of her stalker’s presence should he attempt a home invasion. The system included an inside siren, an outside siren, motion detection, panic alarm, two keypad sounders, an outside strobe light, perimeter system and more, all of which would activate at the same time, once the system detected an intruder.

Sadly, when the attacker did come for her, the system failed catastrophically. The nationally-based alarm company that set up her system was found to have recklessly breached its responsibilities by failing to design, install and test a system that was supposed to be customized for early detection of an intruder.

The investigation was led by forensic alarm industry expert and president of Teaneck, N.J.-based IDS Research and Development Inc., Jeffrey Zwirn. Zwirn determined the company recklessly breached its duties to its customer. While the alarm company did ultimately come to an out of court settlement years later for an undisclosed sum, thought to be many millions of dollars, those lives are lost due to some as simple as a faulty system.

 The carelessness of an alarm company cost this woman her life. Read more here to avoid a tragedy like this in your life.

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